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 GNT International B.V., founded in 1978, today is the world leader in the development and production of food ingredients with coloring properties (Coloring Food) for all areas of the food industry. Coloring products are made from fruits, vegetables and edible parts of plants using only physical processing processes using only water as a solvent. During the production, chemical ingredients and selective extraction with organic solvents…

 IGH Flavours & Technology. Since 1957, IGH Flavours has been developing and manufacturing food flavorings, emulsions, juice bases and extracts for the production of beverages, ice cream, confectionery, baking and fruit toppings. The company's specialists are constantly developing new concepts of aromatic products and functional ingredients for the food industry in accordance with the needs of the market, the wishes of customers and the latest market trends.

 The IGH Food Service division creates and produces coatings, fillers, creams for decorating, creams for fillings for use in baking and confectionery products, jellies, concentrated bases and…

 CARAGUM International is a French company specializing in the development and production of functional and stabilizing ingredients for the food industry, represented on five continents through distribution agents that help improve the quality of products every day. First of all, thanks to its experience, Caragum

 International develops a wide range of functional ingredients. In this regard, our texturizers, gelling, thickening, stabilizing and emulsifying agents improve…

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